Monday, 3 December 2012

Create A Blog

On Third December Two Thousand Twelve, starts a brand new day for us as a U.S’s (UiTM Segamat) students. After a long period of semester break for about six weeks we are forced  must continue our semester three with a fresh spirit and determination. 

The first day of class for this semester, for sure at 8.00am. What?! Oh my. I need my blanket, pillow as well as my matteres at this moment. Bel 311. What is that? Is it a James Bond's code? Or a food? hihihi Bel 311 is a one of my killer core subject for this semester. This English subject is good for me to improve my English speaking, reading and writing. 

It is 1.50pm ( is a good time to sleep) and I fully ready to attend the first class of Bel 311. When I find out that the class for that day was held at Dewan Seri Peria (DSP), I was about to scream like crazy because it just took 3 minutes from my hostel room to arrive. I just have to put my shoes on, walk straight, down the stairs, walk straight again, climb the stairs and walk till I found the coolest place to learn the subject. Just a few simple step required ;) What a lovely place. Pity to my Sector B's and Sector A's classmate because they have to take a long journey to arrive. 

As usual we have given an explanation about the course and all the on-going assessment stuff. It include written assignment, group discussion and as well as online assignments. Our first assignment is create a blog. What? Yes you have to create your own blog for this subject for this semester. It is a part of your assignment to get some carry mark that may help you in the final exam. Okay read this readers. I didn't like to write an essay or even a diary and I wasn't a part of those brilliant bloggers to do a writing. But I will try my best to accomplish this task. In sha Allah :) 

Miss Zuraidah binti Sumery is a cheerful and energetic person. I envy with her English pronunciation. So clear and easy to understand. We continue our class with circle network where we have to make two circle, one for the outer layer and another one inside the circle. We have to face to each other with our partner and have a conversation based on the theme that are given by Miss Zu. As you know, I'm a silent person(serious?) and it takes time for me to be friendly. Pity them because I was too silent(sorry!). This activity is actually good for ourselves to build our self confidence. At 3.45pm we ended our class with recite Doa.